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Dia-Compe’s origins are in Japan, the company was founded there in 1930. Its headquarters are still located in Osaka, Japan, the production however has since been moved to sites in Taiwan and China. The one thing that has not changed is Dia-Compe’s line-of-trade – bicycle brake systems for road bikes, mountain bikes and leisure bikes.

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Let’s start with the good stuff: nice and affordable brifters are sometimes hard to come by, Dia-Compe has several versions versions of break/shift-levers to offer. In order to cater to road bikers’ exclusive tastes the combinations of brake-lever and shifter come in different colors, so any biker can create an individual, clean or flashy looking cockpit. While you’re at it, use some of Dia-Compe’s cork tape to maintain a good grip on your handlebar. 

Of course you can purchase those parts separately, too, as there are brake levers and shifters for roadbikes. Frame levers are reminders of the beginnings of bike racing and take you back to the “good ol’ days”. 

Dia-Compe also helps city bikers to add a splash of color to their ride by making brake parts in many different shades. 

Apart from that there are brakes, brake levers and shifters for mountainbikes, leisure bikes or BMX bikes, as well as a few headsets

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Compared to other bike parts, many things that Dia-Compe produces will seem to be somewhat outdated to you. But that is part of the plan! Where else should spare parts for historical bikes come from? Where else should manufacturers find parts for their lovely bikes that look all vintage? For those bicycles the air of nostalgia that comes with those pieces is just perfect.

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