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Lots of manufacturers like to make a science out of shaping bike saddles. Picking the right saddle can get so complicated that riders actually get intimidated when trying to buy or order a new seat for their bike. With Fabric, this is refreshingly different! They make a real science out of designing their saddles, but there are only three different shapes and one of them will fit (almost) any rider. And there is a simple and crystal clear recommendation which saddle you should buy for your purpose. Super easy! But Fabric makes it not only easy to buy the right saddle in order to make your bike more comfortable, you can also brush up the looks of your cockpit. Discover Fabric’s products now on BMO… 

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Things to know about Fabric

The devil is in the details, and often it is up to the small parts and pieces to make the difference between a successful bike tour and a huge flop. First and foremost, there’s the saddle. Nothing can ruin your cycling fun like a saddle that doesn't fit! As a result, many bikers dread buying a new saddle. What if the new seat is too wide or too small? What if it’s too straight or to curved? Do ladies need womens’ saddles and do men need seats made for men? Is lots of cushioning good or bad? And do you need different saddles for road bikes, mountain bikes, or leisure bikes?

Having a lot of products to choose from can be a good thing, but it can also get a little overwhelming. 

There’s a Fabric saddle for every bike…

Here’s where a choice of exactly three different saddle shapes becomes very convenient. You can buy Fabric saddles in three versions, Flat, Shallow and Radius. And it is really simple to pick the right one! 

  • Fabric Flat are saddles for riders who like to sit very low in order to cheat the wind resistance, mostly very athletic road bikers. Flat saddles for road bikes have a flat back and a short, narrow nose that allows for aggressive and speedy pedaling. There’s little cushioning, which makes the saddles lighter and more comfortable to ride in a low, stretched out position (and wearing padded biking pants is mandatory anyway). If your saddle is considerably higher than your drop bar, you need a Flat saddle for your flat-out riding posture.
  • Fabric Shallow saddles are built for athletic cyclists who don’t ride with their nose stuck to the handlebar, easy-going road bikers, gravel, enduro, all mountain, touring, XC, DH and all other bikers. There’s one great advantage to such versatile bike parts: If you feel good on this saddle, you can mount one on all kinds of bikes. Those saddles rise a little in the back and they have moderate padding, that way they perfectly support a natural riding position. If your saddle is mounted a little lower than your handlebar, you require a Shallow Saddle.
  • Fabric Radius saddles are perfect for urban bikers, leisure bikers and touring bikers who like to be aware of their surroundings and therefore prefer to sit rather upright. With your head up high, you will definitely not miss anything that goes on around you, so this riding posture is common on bikes that are driven in inner city traffic or on public roads. Here the handlebar is higher than the saddle, which makes the rider sit up straight. This also means that there is less weight resting on the cyclist's arms, almost all body weight rests on the saddle, so it is good to have some comfortable padding. The nose and the back of the saddle are shaped to point up or down respectively, so they offer perfect support and make sure your weight is distributed evenly.


So, if you take your riding posture into account, you will find out quickly, which Fabric saddle is best for you and features such as gel cushioning, air padding or pressure relief openings are simply fine tuning details. 

Fabric bike saddles for women and men

There’s always the question of “Do women have to sit on a saddle made for ladies?” and whether men cycle better on mens’ saddles. Simple answer according to Fabric: NO! Their saddles are comfortable for anyone to ride. Even the models that have pressure relief channels work for both sexes. 

Fabric Grips and Cork Tape

Fabric likes to make your life more colorful with grips and handlebar tape in many bright colors. That way you can add an individual touch to your cockpit. But you can also get some ergonomic comfort, a good grip and better control over your rides. 

Buy bike saddles, components and accessories made by Fabric 

The saddle and the handlebar are, of course, the two most important contact points between you and your bike. Fabric makes those more comfortable, but that’s not all! Apart from saddles, grips and handlebar tape, you can buy other bike accessories, water bottles and bottle cages for example. Or pumps and bike lights. Order Fabric bike parts and accessories right here in the BMO online shop, to mount your new bike parts we recommend Fabric’s multitool.

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