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Five Ten? Adidas? So who makes those mountain biking shoes? Quite simple - both! The American climbing shoe manufacturer Five Ten was founded in 1985 by Charles Cole, today it is one of the world's top brands for biking gear and climbing shoes. The headquarters of the shoe manufacturer is located in Redlands, California, 50 miles outside Los Angeles. Since German sports titan Adidas acquired Five Ten in 2011, its European base is located in Herzogenaurach, near Nuremberg. The German sporting goods manufacturer has been based in Franconia since 1949, the acquisition introduced shoes for bikers and climbers to its product portfolio.

Five Ten Highlights

Things to know about Five Ten

The logo sporting the numbers 5.10, is considered a kind of label of approval for high-quality MTB shoes in the mountain bike community. Professionals like Danny Hart pedaled from one victory in the Downhill World Cup to the next wearing Five Ten’s clipless pedal shoes, despite the shoe manufacturer being known for flat pedal mountain biking shoes mostly. The shoes’ secret of success are the stealth-rubber soles, that make them literally stick to the pedal and give you perfect control over your bike. We don’t want to open the clipless-or-flats-discussion at this point. But one thing is clear: the many Downhill World Cup wins of Sam Hill and his success in the Enduro World Series show that flat pedal shoes do have a raison d’etre. Fellow legend Steve Peat and young star Troy Brosnan are two more of the professional athletes who rely on the bike Five Ten’s shoes for a perfect connection between biker and bike. 

The Brand of the Brave

Five Ten does not produce flip-flops for laid-back days at the pool; that much is clear when you take a closer look at the company’s name. Imagine soon-to-be founder Charles Cole dangling from the ledge – Five Ten is a level of difficulty in rock climbing rates that he was struggling with when he came up with the idea of founding a company that produces excellent material for mountain sports. His target audience: outdoor acrobats with nerves of steel. That explains the subtitle, too: Five Ten – The Brand of the Brave.

Who climbs better? You or your MTB?

People like to talk about a mountain bike bike that “climbs well”. So it does make sense that Five Ten started with climbing shoes and later moved on to producing bike shoes. The combination of the two is particularly interesting for mountainbikers who like a good challenge. Five Ten has released various shoes that work well for pedaling, but also provide a good grip on loose or wet surfaces and enough stability for those parts of the trail where you have to push your bike our even carry it. Especially in difficult alpine terrain or on multi-day tours where bad weather might make things even more difficult, these mountain bike shoes/hiking shoes are a perfect alternative for lighter biking shoes. 

The many layers of Five Ten cycling shoes

The top layer of a functional shoe today is no longer necessarily made of leather. There are synthetic materials that can easily keep up with the properties of leather, while on top being breathable and also much lighter. The fact that this also makes shoes vegan of course a nice side effect. 

So the top layer of most shoes is made of leather or a lightweight, breathable and quick-drying microfiber fabric. For lightweight shoes that hit the trail with you in the summer, there are particularly airy shoes, mesh inserts allow the air to circulate perfectly. 

The top layer of the shoe is followed by a cushioning layer. Soft foams provide a nice, comfortable wear inside the mountain bike shoe, adapt the shoe to the individual shape of your foot and add a safety padding zone that can prevent nasty injuries. 

Between the outer layer and the padding, there are membranes such as GoreTex (in waterproof shoes) that do not allow water or wind into the shoe. Cycling shoes for the winter have an additional insulating layer that keeps you warm.

The inner shoe is usually made of microfiber fabric that is resistant to abrasion. It is also breathable and quick-drying, of course it also feels good even when worn next to the skin. The inner sole is made from EVA, it provides just the right mix of direct contact to the bike with good control and soft cushioning. The final touch, of course, is the outer sole. And now it’s time for Five Ten’s greatest secret!

Stealth - a cunning sole for your mountain biking shoe

If you're looking for your new bike shoes among Five Ten's products, you'll keep stumbling across "stealth". Since its introduction in 1989, Five Ten’s stealth sole has turned the bike scene upside down. It now comes in a variety of devilishly good rubber mixtures that serve different purposes. The five abbreviations Mi6, S1, Ph, Mn and C4 describe the different properties and rubber compounds of Five Ten shoes. Here’s what they do:

Stealth Rubber S1

The S1 sole is 5.10’s all-rounder. It is used in all shoe collections. Both bike, climbing and hiking shoes are equipped with the S1 rubber soles. It provides perfect grip on pedals and other surfaces, it does not matter whether in dry or wet conditions.

Stealth Rubber Ph

The Ph sole is the colorful blend of 5.10. The sole was originally developed for the military and is now used for bike shoes like the Five Ten Freeride Contact. The grippy shoe sole is dyed with a non-marking rubber compound.

Stealth Rubber Mn

Mn stands for Marathon. The Marathon sole is the most durable sole made by Five Ten. It is used in all dirt jump and BMX shoes. Bike shoes like the Five Ten Dirtbag or Spitfire are equipped with the extremely durable sole and offer perfect grip on the pedals.

Stealth Rubber C4

Climbing shoes usually are made of c4 stealth rubber. It is particularly flexible and provides good grip on a variety of surfaces.

In our online store you will find a wide selection of high quality cycling shoes made by Five Ten. We offer flat pedal shoes for your BMX, dirt jump, freeride, enduro or downhill bike, as well as clipless pedal shoes for speed-oriented riders. You have the choice between casual shoes like the Sleuth and Spitfire, sporty shoes like the Kestrel Lace or 5.10 Impact High for rapid downhill descents. Maybe it's due to the influence of sports giant Adidas, that these days you can also order bike apparel like bike shorts, shirts or jerseys made by Five Ten. And of course there is biking apparel for women, men and children!

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