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Halo is one of England’s most popular manufacturers of bike parts, but more than anything the brand is known as a true specialist for system wheels. With more than 20 years of experience, Halo has developed enormous expertise in manufacturing durable rims, hubs and wheels – you will benefit from this on every ride! The extremely robust products are particularly popular with mountain bikers, but also for road, gravel and cross-country enthusiasts, Halo has a lot to offer. In the beginning, however, there was a bunch of broken bike parts and a lot of frustration....

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Things to know about Halo

For years, Halo's founders simply couldn't find bike parts durable enough for their progressive riding style; every bike part they tested went straight to the bin. Eventually, they got fed up with being slowed down by substandard bike parts. So in 2000, the Halo was founded with the objective of finally designing bike parts that will last, first and foremost, extremely durable system wheels.

Halo wheels

Now, about 20 years later, Halo is one of the most popular manufacturers of small bicycle parts and complete wheelsets. Above all, the company stands for robust components, the wheels impress riders around the globe with their stiffness and the excellent durability. Halo's rims and hubs are available in many different colors, so you can individualize your mountain bike, road bike, gravel bike or aero. The system wheels are available in all wheel sizes, in addition to 29-inch and 27.5-inch standard wheels, Halo also makes 26" rims. For track cyclists, 28" wheels are also available. Since the makers behind the brand don't like to be restricted, they set a good example when they are out there on their road racers, MTBs or dirt jumpers - and declare "everywhere" to be bike terrain. 

Ridden everywhere.

is an absolutely appropriate company slogan.

Halo Supadrive

Supadrive is one of Halo’s celebrated hubs, test driven in professional races in various bike sport disciplines and adorned with several world championship titles. The MT Supadrive hub is made for trail and enduro use, on top, there are also hubs for BMX or Gravel. The rear hub has a grid of 120 points, it will win you over with its extreme robustness. The wide spoke flange, sealed cartridge bearings and a highly stable Cr-Mo thru axle ensure sensational durability.

Bike components from Halo

After the overwhelming success of their wheels, Halo quickly added other bike parts to its portfolio. You can buy drive train components such as sprockets and single speed kits, there are centerlock adapters for disc brakes and of course all sorts of parts for wheels, such as tires, sealing milk or tubeless valves.

In our Halo brand store, you will find a wide selection of hubs, spokes, cogs, quick release skewers and of course complete wheel systems. We carry many of the Halo products in different colors, so you will find stylish components for your bike.

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