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The mission of Loose Riders is to connect as many mountain bikers worldwide as possible. It all started in 2012 with a club and a Facebook page in Thailand. The network was intended to inform riders about joint tours and local trails. In the meantime, Loose Riders has spread globally. The MTB community is represented on all continents of the world and freeriders, enduro riders and downhillers are divided into 40 chapters. The worldwide network brings mountain bikers of all ages together. The idea behind it is to establish a kind of couchsurfing for bikers. In order not to have to rely on expensive hotels on your bike trip, you can get in touch with other bikers through the network. This way you will not only find cheap accommodation, but maybe also some new friends and great insights into local trails and routes.

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In addition to the gigantic network of bike enthusiasts, there are also a number of events taking place. Every freerider is probably familiar with the already legendary "Loose Fest Series". The craziest riders on the planet jump over 20-meter jumps. The enormous hills are rocked by riders like Andreu Lacondeguy, Nico Vink, Sam Reynolds or Kurt Sorge. However, the Loose Fests are not about who is the best rider, but about cycling together.

But being a Loose Rider is more than just being part of the network, it's a way of life. In the Loose Riders Global Alliance, it's not about success and fame, or who completes the most training miles. What matters is that you are "loose." To become a member, all you have to do is follow the Facebook page. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you are a woman or a man or which bike you ride. The main thing is to enjoy biking and share your passion for mountain biking with others. 

To the identification of a real loose rider belong but especially casual clothes. You can find various jerseys, pants and goodies in our Loose Riders brand store. You can choose between simple but casual jerseys or stylish and colorful jerseys. Long, 3/4 or short sleeve, for every taste and rider type we offer you the right Loose Riders top. 

Off the freeride tracks and enduro trails you can of course also make your affiliation visible. Tank tops, snapbacks or T-shirts round off your style for everyday life. The chic socks with Loose Riders lettering are suitable both on the bike and at the afterride party in the evening. You can also pimp your bike visually. With the Loose Riders Mudguard, your bike is also part of the Global Alliance.

The Loose Riders also have a chapter in Germany. To become a part of the group, just check out the "Loose Riders Germany" on Facebook. You can find the right MTB jersey for men and women in our Loose Riders brand store.

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