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You never would have guessed that functional clothing for bikers is supposed to function under any conditions, right? On the downside, functional clothing isn’t really known to be very stylish. Unless you do your shopping with NINEYARD. Here a designer/BMX-freak and a pro-rider make sure you feel absolutely comfy and look hot on your most challenging rides. 

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Things to know about NINEYARD

When Fabio Wibmer, one of the best loved bike-pros, set out to launch yet another company that makes clothing for bikers, every rider knew for sure they were in for a treat. In 2021 he founded his brand-new label NINEYARD with two riding buddies. The idea was to mix a baggy street style with perfect riding conditions. Fabio has proven before that he knows what bikers like to wear and how to make biking outfits both comfortable to wear and functional at the same time, while designer-in-charge Jan Röhricht is responsible for a laid-back, urban look. These days, no label works without a stunning performance on the www, so it is content creator Hannes Berger’s job to make the label go viral. You can take the name „NINEYARD“ quite literally, by the way. On their bikes all three entrepreneurs like to go the full nine yards, same goes for their work ethics. 

Mountain Bike clothing with lots of style

When you’re out biking, your outfit usually is of minor importance. It has to put up with any conditions, rain or shine, gravel or concrete. Your clothes should keep you warm, cool or dry, depending on what the weather or the trail demands. This is where Fabio Wibmer’s biking experience comes in. He makes sure NINEYARD’s pieces feature all the ventilation systems, pockets and bits and pieces that you might need on your day out. A relaxed fit can never hurt, but it is a clear, modern urban look that bike wear was sorely missing and that now distinguishes a NINEYARD collection from other bike wear. You can buy functional pieces that work perfectly on your rides, but will also pass as everyday clothes at school, uni or work.

All of NINEYARD’s hoodies, shirts, pants or jackets are cut and constructed to fit mountain bikers, dirt bikers or BMX riders. They are made from breathable fibers that keep you dry and comfy. Their baggy fit provides all the space you require to feel good on and off your bike. True to their motto „Create Playgrounds“, NINEYARD promotes the building of biking grounds, so that you can find a good challenge right outside your door at any time. 

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