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On NS Bike’s mantelpiece, you’ll find not only product prizes for bicycle parts and trophies from international bike competitions, there are also a few golden records hanging around, because the company’s founder, Szymon Koblinski, is a man of many talents. Find out here how a successful music career turned into a rocketlike start in the bike business. 

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Things to know about NS Bikes

The founder and current CEO of NS Bikes, Szymon Kobylinski, was part of the highly successful Polish rock band "Blenders". On the band’s tours his bike was always with him, instead of taking the tour bus, he preferred to ride his bike from one concert to the next. Whenever he could find the time, he liked to compete in national downhill competitions - and that too with great success. 

From rock music to biking

In Poland, however, there was very little MTB equipment in the 90s; bike parts had to be ordered directly from the USA for the most part, and it was due to this fact that Szymon Kobylinski came up with his next business idea. In 2000 he started importing various bike parts from the USA to Poland. And again very successfully, because soon he gave up making music and founded 7ANNA together with his wife Anna, a company that imported bicycle parts. The distributor dealt with brands such as Sunringle, Crankbrothers, Banshee, Hope and e.thirteen. The parts that were delivered, however did not always meet Szymon's quality standards, and so in 2003 the company launched its own brand, Northshore Extreme. This brand, which initially only produced bike parts, evolved into today's NS Bikes Company.

Stay true! 

Always true to the company’s slogan "Stay true!", NS Bikes remains committed to mountain biking, and makes high-quality offroad bikes that come at absolutely affordable prices. Today, apart from NS Bikes Octane One, another offshoot, belongs to the 7ANNA Group. The bike brands Rondo and Creme Cycles are part of the family, too, they are responsible for the segments road bikes, respectively city bikes.

Complete bikes from NS Bikes

Ever since the release of its first own bicycle frame in 2004, the brand’s success has gone through the roof and today NS Bikes is one of the most popular brands on the European market. Starting in 2007, NS Bikes supplied not only bike parts and frames, with Core and Metropolis, the first complete bikes were introduced. Over time, the manufacturer of mountain bikes and bike parts helped pave the way for some of today's stars. Martin Söderström and Sam Pilgrim became famous on NS Dirt Bikes and belonged to the best of slopestyle riders for years.

The product range, which in the beginning included only a few bike parts and later a hardtail frame, has grown over time into an extensive offroad package. NS Bikes offers a fleet of MTB hardtails and fully suspended bikes, with bikes like Circus, Fuzz, Eccentric, Clash or Metropolis there’s the perfect steed for every rider. They cover the entire MTB spectrum, whether it’s enduro, all mountain, dirt jump, slopestyle or downhill and freeride. With Rag, a gravel bike has recently been added to the portfolio, and NS Bikes also just presented E-Fine, their first e-MTB. In addition to the bikes, there are some super stylish bike parts. The brightly colored attachments with their amazing design are made for riders who not only want to stand out of the crowd with their riding style, but who like their bike to be a real eye catcher as well. 

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We have NS Bikes in many different categories and equipment versions for you in our online store. There is a great choice of dirt bikes available, Circus, Movement and Metropolis are simply the perfect bikes to have fun with. Among our mountain bikes, you'll find Define and Fuzz, excellent, versatile fully suspended MTBs, or Eccentric, the affordable hardtail. We also carry Rag, the first NS Bike Gravel Bike on Bike-Mailorder. But there aren’t only bikes, we also offer bike parts like wheels, hubs, stems and handlebars in our NS Bikes brand store. You can also shop for clothing such as t-shirts and jerseys.

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