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The philosophy of the guys who work at Octane One hasn't changed since the beginning: Here, riders make MTB parts for riders. Advanced designs and thorough testing of each new component guarantee a distinctive style and excellent material. The company now offers a wide range of bike parts. Whether it's saddles, rims, handlebars, stems, pedals, wheels, hubs or frames, you're after, you'll find the parts your bike needs at Octane One.

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Things to know about Octane One

Octane One belongs to the Polish group 7ANNA, that means it is part of the same corporation as the bike brands Rondo and Creme Cycles. The group's most famous subsidiary, however, is NS Bikes, a brand that also manufactures mountain bikes and whose expertise and experience Octane One likes to tap when developing new components and complete bikes.

To make sure the bike parts really deliver what they promise, in the beginning one part at a time was developed and added to the product portfolio. This allowed the designers to focus entirely on the newest pieces and test them extensively before they went into production. 

Octane One bikes

These days, Octane One's portfolio also includes complete bikes. In our brand store you can find, for example, the extremely robust dirt bike Melt. With a singlespeed drivetrain, only one brake and a dirt jump suspension fork, you’ve got the perfect material for any jump trail.

For those who prefer riding on natural trails, and like to keep an eye on their budget, Octane One makes mountain bikes like the 29 inch Enduro Fully OMG.The modern geometry and many in-house parts, lets you tackle any trail, no matter how challenging, thanks to 140 mm suspension travel.

For those who prefer to ride on roads or gravel and forest trails, we recommend Octane One's gravels named Gridd. A relaxed geometry in combination with handpicked attachments lets you ride comfortably on paved surfaces and loose ground.

Octane One MTB parts

Listing all the parts that Octane One supplies, would go way beyond our limit here! You can imagine it roughly like this: if you buy one of the MTB frames, you can order all the other components (except for the groupset and the brakes) in our Octane One brand store. You will find chains, pedals and other parts of the drivetrain. With the stems and handlebars, you can pretty up your cockpit. Wheels and hubs make sure that your hand build runs smoothly. All you have to do is find the perfect track to testride your dream bike on!

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