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Rock Shox certainly is a household name known to anyone who ever sat on a mountain bike. When it comes to shocks and suspension forks for mountain bikes, the black and red Rock Shox logo is a common sight. Founded in 1989 by Paul Turner, the company from Colorado specializes in suspension elements. Together with Keith Bontrager, Turner developed the first full-suspension bike and presented it at the "Bicycle Industry Trade Show" in Long Beach.

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What began as a small garage distributor is now considered the leading brand for shocks and suspension forks worldwide. In the meantime, the manufacturer of suspension components also belongs to the major Sram group. In 2002, the parts manufacturer Sram included the suspension fork giant Rock Shox in its brand portfolio. Paul Turner has since been nominated several times for the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. There he would join numerous legends of MTB history, such as Hans Rey or Gerry Fischer. Turner, however, humbly declined each time.

Starting with the RS-1 in 1990, Rock Shox played a major role in shaping the history of mountain biking. Probably the most famous suspension fork is the Rock Shox Boxxer. The first Boxxer came on the market in 1998 and had just 150 mm of travel. Today, it offers many professional riders, such as Vali Höll or Amaury Pierron, a whopping 200 mm of suspension. The Boxxer World Cup is the most successful double-bridge suspension fork in downhill, because no other Double Crown fork brought their riders more often on the podium of the UCI Downhill World Cup.

For enduro and trail bikes, the two fork models Lyrik and Pike are particularly popular. On many high-quality bikes, the Single Crown suspension forks are already installed from the house.

In the frame of many mountain bikes, dampers from Rock Shox provide optimum control over the bike. Dampers such as the Vivid, Monarch or Deluxe shine through various adjustment options. The right setup of rebound and compression not only bring valuable seconds in the race, but also a lot of ride comfort and a safe driving experience.

In addition to suspension forks and shocks, Rock Shox also offers a telescopic seatpost. Trail and enduro bikes can hardly do without the hydraulic seatposts nowadays. Rock Shox offers with the Reverb and Reverb Stealth different versions of the practical support. The up to 170 mm adjustment range of the telescopic seatpost, also called stroke, you can comfortably adjust from the handlebars via a Reverb remote control. So your bike is ready in a flash for an uphill or downhill.

In addition to the main products such as suspension forks, shocks and seatposts, we offer you all the accessories for Rock Shox components. For the different parts you need, for example, different oils. We recommend, for example, to use original Rock Shox shock oil and suspension fork oil. This ensures that your suspension components can deliver the best possible performance. 

The right bleeding kit and other tools for the assembly and maintenance of your Rock Shox products can of course also be found in our store. For tuning and repairs, we also have numerous accessories and spare parts ready for you. Matching tokens for optimizing the spring characteristics of air suspension forks, shock bushings or new Maxle thru axles in different colors are also available in our Rock Shox brand store.

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