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All that Brett Rheeder was looking for were bike parts that did not go to pieces as soon as he hit the slope. Being one of the world’s best slopestylers, he hit the slope a lot and got frustrated with twisted handlebars, broken stems or torn brake cables. So he founded Title MTB and began developing bike parts that could last a little longer than all the others.

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Founder of Title and pro-biker Brett Rheeder was on the search for all the little parts that hold a bike together, because everything the bike market had to offer back then were parts that did not hold bikes together, at least not if he rode them. So he decided to produce his own bike parts and to make them more durable than all the others apparently could. He knew he had enough experience from riding with the Crankworx tour for some years, but he also asked biking buddies and colleagues for their input and then began developing and designing. After a few years of careful development, Title MTB was ready for takeoff, and the first products were launched. Since 2020 the Crankworx series has to go without Brett, who now concentrates full time on fulfilling other bikers’ needs for unbreakable bike parts.

MTB Parts that hold on, and on, and…

Amongst Titles portfolio you will find handlebars that resist bending and twisting due to a specific butting technology and could even land an approval for extreme riding styles such as downhill or freeride. Title also helps you mount your handlebar to your bike with stems in different lengths and diameters. There are also some seatposts and saddles (two, actually. One for riders who keep seated during XC or marathon and one the more airborne disciplines of slopestyle, freeriders and dirt bikers), as well as an assortment of clamps.

The more time you want to spend up in the air rather than on the ground, the more important it is that you and your bike form a perfect unit. Bike parts that work together seamlessly help create such a symbiotic relationship. So you want to try some new tricks and be the hero of the pump track with stunning barspins. But wait, what about your cables? Title’s Gyro System can help you disentangle your wiring. The brake set consists of cables, a detangler and G1 break lever, together it lets your handlebar and front wheel spin until gravity gets the better of you. 

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Right now that is all Title has to offer, but since the developing team always keep their ears to the ground in order to find out what bike pros and leisure riders wish for, we’re sure there is more to come. True fans hit the slope in a Title shirt and cap, by the way.

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