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For over 15 years, Acros from Renningen, Germany, has produced and developed hubs, bottom brackets and headsets and since then become known in the biking scene as a top-notch manufacturer. Acros is part of a well-known manufacturer of roller bearings, so a lot of technical know-how goes into each bike part, and guarantees the quality of Acros products is up-to-scratch.

Acros Highlights

However, Acros now offers not only the classic bearings for bikes, but now also has various handlebars, grips, stems, pedals and complete wheel sets for different applications in the product portfolio. From the quality of Acros pedals, we have already convinced ourselves and provided you with a detailed test in our blog: Acros A-Flat test.

In addition to the high quality, the appearance of the products also plays a major role at Acros. In addition to modern and stylish designs, you can also expect different colors at Acros, so that you can color-match your attachments to your bike. Whether you want to screw new hubs, a headset or pedals to your bike, you can usually choose between the colors black, red and blue.

At Acros, a principle is written large: From riders for riders! The entire team at Acros in Renningen sits in the saddle themselves and therefore knows the requirements for their own products. In combination with different, international team riders, high quality bike parts are created, which have gone through a long testing period and various prototype stages.

So it is hardly surprising that the relatively new Acros Enduro Race Carbon wheelset is a real cream of the crop on the market. The Enduro Race wheelset made of carbon fulfills everything that makes the mountain bike heart beat faster, because it is very light with 1339 grams in the 27.5 inch variant and yet extremely stiff and overall very durable. Also in various test reports of international mountain bike magazines, the Acros Enduro Race Carbon wheelset could prevail over the competition.

A big advantage is also that the MTB wheels can be adapted to all axle standards at Acros. With different freewheel and axle kits you can therefore be sure that your new Acros wheelset also fits in your bike. 

Brand new at Acros are also the Gravel wheelsets made of carbon, which are hard to beat in terms of high-tech. The carbon rims with 21 mm inner width and 45 mm height allow the inclusion of wide gravel tires and thus provide you with the opportunity for more grip and traction. They are tubeless-ready and equipped with both a rim tape and a tubeless valve. Compatible are the wheels with Sram XDR or Shimano road cassettes and as a special highlight, the freewheel volume of the Nineteen Road Disc hub, which is incidentally "Made in Germany", can be adjusted in three stages - from inconspicuous to loud.

Acros headsets have long been a household name in the mountain bike scene, because not only the basic quality of the products from Renningen is right, but also the selection of almost all conceivable installation dimensions and variants. And if your Acros headset should ever have a defective bearing, you get at Acros guaranteed the right replacement to bring the component back up to date.

So if you are looking for high-quality bike parts such as wheels, handlebars, pedals, stems, grips or bottom brackets, then you are exactly right in our Acros brand store and are guaranteed to find the right attachment for your bike.

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