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Singlespeed kit - Quick conversion to singlespeed!

With a conversion kit for conventional rear hubs with freewheel body, it is possible for you to convert your bike to singlespeed in just a few steps.

You first have to remove the cassette from the freewheel body with the help of a chain tool and can then replace the sprocket set with the singlespeed kit and the spacers included. By using individual spacers of different widths, it is quite easy to find a straight chainline. You arrange the spacers so that the chain runs straight from the chainring to the sprocket. Once you have found the right position of the sprocket, you can screw the Singlespeed kit back onto the freewheel body.If your rear triangle does not have horizontal dropouts, as is the case with singlespeed frames, you will also have to mount a chain tensioner on the derailleur hanger. Since it is not possible to move the rear wheel when converting a bike with gears and normal dropouts, the chain length can only be adjusted by mounting a suitable chain tensioner. With the conversion to a singlespeed bike, we also recommend to renew the chain to ensure a long durability of the new input drive.

Before buying a singlespeed kit, think about what gear ratio you want to ride later. In this decision, of course, you can fall back on the experience you have made with your conventional circuit. It is best to check in which gear you get along best on average. Decisive for this is of course your speed and the environment in which you prefer to ride your bike. Is it hilly or very flat, do you cruise through the city at a leisurely pace or are you a sporty cyclist?

You can also find individual sprockets in our shop to perfectly equip your fixie or singlespeedbike for different situations.