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Easton Cycling aims for nothing less than unlimited joy on two wheels. And “limitless” is to be taken literally, the bike parts are designed to take you towards new horizons and to let you explore undiscovered places. Since only the best ingredients and the latest manufacturing processes meet Easton’s demands you can have limitless faith in your material. Equally limitless is Easton’s bike community that connects athletes around the globe.

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Things to know about Easton

Easton Cycling was founded in 1984, and directly set out to combine the highest engineering skills with modern materials in order to help jumpstart the budding gravel scene. To leave absolutely no room for doubts about how dedicated they were to their cause, the young company directly reached for UCI-standard gear, knowing that what met world class level would also make the everyday biker very happy indeed. Premium equipment can never hurt, right?! Even with their ever growing success the thinkers behind Easton never lost touch with their ideals. They build drop bar-material only. Period.

Easton drop bars

Speaking of drop bars – Easton offers several of those, you can get them at varying prices, in different shapes, forms and made from alloy or different carbon compositions. Apart from optimizing their weight, the shape of the handlebars is perfected over and over again. They are optimized to let you ride for hours without numb arms or signs of fatigue, also they give you a feeling of absolute control over your gravel or road bike. Depending on your proportions and preferences you can choose between different sizes, more or less rise, flare or backsweep. For a perfect grip Easton provides cork tape in two qualities and many different colors.

Easton also builds a choice of speedy gravel and road wheels, you will find some aero optimized wheels too. All of them are as light as bike wheels come, naturally! Wheels made from ultra light carbon were a long-fostered desire of many bikers, only the material was not ready, it was too delicate, too weak for tires. Luckily, this has changed in the last few years, these days light and durable carbon hoops are easily available. To meet the skepticism of cautious bikers Easton created its Carbon Confidence Program. The engineers are so sure of their carbon wheels that you will get extra warranty when you buy a set. 

Easton AX for gravel and big adventures

You’re after the really BIG bike adventures? Easton’s terrific AX-Series are built for special occasions and big plans! They cater to the mix between adventure and gravel bikes, final frontiers, undiscovered wilderness and places far away from civilization. Where the streets get unpredictable or end completely, saving your strength becomes vital and a flat or other breakdowns should be avoided at all costs. And thus the AX series features bike parts that were designed and built for extreme conditions and adventure traveling. AX handle bars are ergonomically shaped to allow you to change between driving positions and keep your ride under control at the same time. AX wheels and the dropper post are lightweight and durable and the microfibre tape soaks up all that sweat without losing its cool. 

Apart from the bigger components such as bottom brackets, seatposts and stems, Easton builds all the small stuff that makes bike life pretty, above mentioned tape being one of them. There’s also a chainrings, crank accessories and the bib shorts that account for a true gravel or road bike-fan. You can find the excellent and lightweight bike components that get your bike either ready for the world championship or a trip around the globe in our brand shop. Other bike nuts to accompany you are provided by the Easton community.

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