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A cyclist looking for an action cam will most certainly buy a GoPro. Razor-sharp images and videos are great of course, but that is only half the reason. The secret to the success of these cameras is perhaps not so much the device itself, as there are numerous robust, compact cameras out there. But GoPro not only supplies the camera, but also the perfect bike mount for every taste. There are handlebar mounts or chest straps, GoPro also supplies a wide variety of helmet mounts. This means that mountain bikers, BMXers, gravel bikers or dirt jumpers (and anyone else who wants to capture spectacular cycling experiences and other athletic highlights) not only have many viewpoints to choose from when attaching the camera to their bike. It’s also important to know that the mounts truly deliver what they promise and the camera won't simply get lost somewhere along the way. 

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You should know this about GoPro…

A GoPro is the action cam of choice not only for athletes who want to create professional content. If you enjoy being sports or being outdoors, if you want to make simple videos of your children or have always wondered where your dog is headed to, you should buy a GoPro. But even more important: Buy the necessary bike accessories, i.e. the mounts, floating camera cases or a microphone. Because it's the accessories that make your GoPro the perfect eyewitness for sport, vacation, hobbies and leisure. 

GoPro = helmet camera

Pretty much everyone who wants to film or photograph their cycling skills does so using a GoPro. In the cycling scene, the brand name is practically synonymous with "helmet camera". But what can a GoPro do that another camera or your cell phone can't?

The idea behind GoPro

How do you take good pictures of yourself when the conditions for any available camera are just terrible? When your subject is moving quickly, salt water is trying to corrode your hardware and water is splashing? That's roughly how you can imagine the conditions that gave surfer Nick Woodman the idea in 2002 to shop for an affordable, durable and, above all, waterproof action cam. Spoiler: He couldn't find a suitable device, so he invented one himself. 

In 2004, the first GoPro "Hero" appeared, a small, waterproof camcorder, but still without sound. The camera's capabilities were gradually refined with each new model, first came audio recordings, pictures, panoramic shots and finally the ability to capture 3D footage followed. Today, a GoPro Hero12 Black is the camera that will ride, swim, fly or run with you when the going gets tough. The latest edition of this robust, waterproof action cam is voice-controlled, takes high-resolution pictures and has video stabilization that is unique on the market. 

Video or photo? How do you use your GoPro?

Crystal-clear images or wobble-free videos - the latest generation of GoPro, HERO12 Black, can do both. That's what makes it so interesting, especially for bike nuts. Still images of your most breathtaking jumps? No problem! A clip of your best downhill ride ever? Go for it! You just have to think about which GoPro bike mount will produce the best images.

The perfect (bike) mount for your GoPro

GoPro is not only known for its outstanding cameras, because that's only part of what makes the perfect action cam. If you want to capture sensational action images, you not only need the right camera - your device also needs to be mounted in the right spot so it can capture the optimum view. And that is more difficult than it sounds, especially if a bike is the sporting equipment in question, because it's not only fast, it's also prone to bumpy rides. What you need are bike mounts for your GoPro that will hold on to your camera no matter what - a reliable handlebar mount or a helmet mount

That's why there are different mounts for every GoPro. For bikers, helmet mounts or handlebar mounts are of course the classics, but a chest strap or a mount on the seat post can also produce legendary images. Certainly a matter of taste, but you can even buy a bite mount that allows you to document your adventures from a first-person perspective.

handlebar mount with an extension arm is particularly flexible. Think of it like a selfie stick - only better. You attach the handlebar mount to your handlebar with a clamp, then unfolds to up to 53 cm between the camera and the mountain point. A ball joint grips your GoPro, and allows you to choose any camera angle. 

Of course, you can also use a GoPro Grip, a short handle. But it is definitely safer if the GoPro is held by a bike mount and you have both hands free to stir your bike. 

GoPro helmet mounts

You can choose between several positions if you want to mount your camera on the bike helmet. It can ride on either side of the bike helmet or on top of your head. You can also choose how you attach it. With straps that are threaded through the ventilation openings, for example. You can also stick the camera holder to the helmet. If you want to film your rides from the helmet perspective, you should keep your eyes open when buying a new helmet, some bike helmets - especially MTB helmets - have a mount for helmet cameras!

A safe mount for your GoPro 

The most important point (apart from the perfect camera position) is a reliable mount. The faster and rougher you ride, the better your camera's bike mount needs to work. After all, you don't want to sink your expensive camera in a stream or lose it somewhere in the forest. That's why you need very good mount for your camera! GoPro accessories include bike mounts for fast-paced mountain biking, allowing you to position your bike camera perfectly and safely. 

GoPro for mountain biking

It is usually mountain bikers who attach a GoPro to their handlebars, saddle or helmet, as mountain biking is where it really pays off to record a ride every now and then. We’re not saying that riders on road bikestouring bikes or e-bikes are less enthusiastic when it comes to cycling, but 160 km of road bike training on smooth asphalt or a multi-day bikepacking tour are a little less captivating than the airtime you get in the bike park on an MTB. If you like to get creative on your dirt bike or BMX in the fun park, you can secure some sensational images. By the way, when your biking tends to get rougher, an action cam is best held by a chest strap. This way, you wear it close to your body, it captures your personal view of things and it is not too exposed should you fall.

And have you ever wondered how to operate your action camera at full speed? Especially when it's attached to your helmet, reaching for the record button would be quite the challenge! GoPro has an ingenious solution for this too – the cams now work via hands-free voice control

Which GoPro should bikers buy?

So you are looking for a bike camera? There's really only one recommendation. Buy a GoPro, and it doesn’t matter much which one you choose! There is a very compact, lightweight GoPro that is particularly suitable as a helmet camera thanks to its low weight. Hero 11 Black Mini is also particularly easy to use, which allows you to concentrate fully on your bike. Hero 12 GoPros are a little more sophisticated with their ultra-wide field of view, and the Creator Edition offers a particularly wide range of functions, making it the perfect choice for creating high-quality content. But there's more... maybe not in terms of features, but in terms of field of view - Go Pro MAX captures amazing 360 degree views. 

We’ve got GoPro cameras and camera bundles in our online shop, and you can also buy accessories such as light mods, microphones, additional batteries and of course bike mounts. And just in case you don't have a bike to attach the mount to, we will be happy to supply you with one, too!

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