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Many companies claim that they love cycling more than anything in the world. This discovery often leads to excellent products that only few can afford. Luckily, XLC likes to cycle a different path when it comes to money! For everyone at XLC, cycling is not just a hobby, it is a way of life. But there is also a good deal of down-to-earthness involved, and that ensures that the bike parts and accessories made by XLC will not cost you a fortune. 

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Things to know about XLC

To roll up the history of XLC, we must for once start elsewhere. You may never have heard of the corporation to which XLC belongs. But you're probably already familiar with some of the brands that belong to the Accell Group. There are bicycle and e-bike producers like Haibike, Winora or Ghost. The Koga’s or Lapierre’s racing steeds are part of it, too. Cargo specialist Babboe and the all-rounders made by Raleigh, they’re all members Accell. All in all, Accell is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Europe with its approximately 3100 employees in 15 countries and 897,000 bicycles sold (in 2020). And who is the supplier for all those add-on parts and accessories? Offshoot XLC, of course. 

In 2003, Accell came up with the idea of manufacturing bike parts and components in-house, and the subsidiary XLC - eXceLlent bike Components - was born and quickly exceeded all expectations. Today, XLC’s products - bike parts, bike clothing and all accessories for cycling - are distributed throughout Europe from the company headquarters in Sennfeld near Schweinfurt, always true to the company motto

Love Cycling!

Bicycle aftermarket at its best

You want to upgrade your bike or need some spare parts? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here you can buy bike parts for all kinds of purposes. There are grips and handlebars, parts for the brakes or wheels. XLC builds bike parts not only for racey performance bikes like road bikes and mountain bikes, you get all the right parts for city bikes, trekking bikes and children's bikes, too. There is also a growing selection of e-bike parts.

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XLC supplies bicycle tools

If you have found the right bike parts here on BMO, you need bike tools to mount them on your bike. Of course, XLC also supplies those, too! You can order everything you need for maintenance and service like the tools for the drivetrain, everything you need to build in a new fork or to tools to fix a flat

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We love (Re-)Cycling

Under the heading "We love (Re)Cycling" XLC bundles its efforts for a better world. There is no more unnecessary plastic packaging, and sustainable or recycled raw materials are used. On top of this, the production of many products in Europe ensures fair working conditions and shorter transports. 

XLC makes what your bike needs!

When we speak of a "full-range supplier" in this beautiful world of bicycles, we usually mean a bicycle manufacturer that supplies all types of bicycles. XLC is also a full-range supplier, just not of the bikes themselves, but rather all the parts a bike needs, and the number of products is really impressive! You can not buy all the cycling clothing for recreational bikers, road cyclists and mountain bikers, women, men and children, such as shoes, helmets, jerseys or bike pants. There are also all kinds of bike transport, XLC makes bike trailers, child trailers, bike baskets, car carriers, backpacks and bike bags. You can buy bike accessories like bike lights or water bottles. There are bike locks and fenders. From air pumps to chain oil, XLC offers everything bikes and riders need, prices, however, remain low . We already have many of the bits and pieces in our online store, make sure to check in again every now and then, because XLC always has new, exciting ideas in store!

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