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For over 10 years, the bicycle has been more than just a means of transport for the company Contec. Here, bikes are a passion and inevitably go hand in hand with a distinct way of life. True to this motto, Contec produces various add-on parts and bike parts.

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Contec shines with a wide range of products. This includes, for example, the Drop-A-Gogo seat post. The hydraulic Seat Post impresses with its sleek appearance and a low weight. Due to the mechanical linkage, the Vario seat post is one of the particularly low-maintenance supports on the market - so you spend more time on the trail than in the workshop. But also for the latter Contec has some products in the program. The mounting bracket Wallride keeps your bike quietly in the air and makes a hassle-free repair and assembly possible.

Especially for urban riders Contec offers many interesting products. Fixie riders who place a lot of value on style can customize their bike with handlebars and stems in different colors and designs. The brand also offers practical hub dynamos and associated lamps. Those who prefer to ride with battery-powered lighting also don't have to look far at Contec. With the Speed-LED USB lighting set, the manufacturer offers an innovative product that can be easily charged via a USB port. 

In the Contec brand store you will find more wall mount systems, hub dynamos, rim brakes and much more.

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