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When a multi-UCI-winner embarks on making bike cleaner, you are safe to assume that he knows what he’s doing. Filthy mountain bikes are his daily business, after all. Peaty’s wants to help you keep your bike sparkling, so they make bike cleaner, drive chain lube, and bike polish that protects your frame. After brushing up your bike, you can lean back and enjoy your clean conscience, as all the mixtures are biodegradable and the containers are made from recycled materials. 

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Things to know about Peaty’s

If you’ve never been biking, you can’t join in – this seems to be the motto of Peaty’s crew. Like anyone else in his team, boss Steve Peat is an avid mountain biker and has plenty of UCI-trophies sitting on his mantelpiece. So he should know better than anyone what good bike stuff is made of. All the brains behind Peaty’s are experienced mountain bikers or BMX bikers who appreciate excellent material; also, the list of sponsored athletes and teams reads like the who-is-who in pro biking. 

Bike cleaner and bike care

Peaty’s make bike cleaner for you steed, the guys from Sheffield also make anything you need to have your drive unit running smoothly and quietly, and keep abrasion under control. There are two different degreasers, cleaner for your disc brakes and the LoamFoam bike cleaner. All mixtures are available in different sizes, you can buy small bottles for occasional riding, middle-sized packages for frequent drivers and canisters for your whole class. 

If you mount your bike regardless of the weather, Peaty’s Linklubes should be part of your bike maintenance kit. Each weather will pester your drive chain in a different way, three different waxes and oils keep your bike running under any conditions, whether it’s soaking wet, somewhere-in-between or dry and dusty. Like all the other bike maintenance products you can get Peaty’s drive chain lubes in different sizes. 

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While the blenders were running, Peaty’s developers cooked up some tubeless sealant. They also make tubeless rim tape and valves in all the colors of the rainbow. To make your switch to tubeless tires easier there is also a Tubeless Conversion Kit. 

Bottom line is: if a well groomed bike is what you want, Peaty’s your guy!

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